Cristobal's photography combines technical proficiency, patience, intuition, and his unique artistic sensibilities. Whether it's a child's inquisitive expression, a newborn infant's first gasp of air, or an outraged protester stalking the streets of Nicaragua, Cristobal goes about his chosen passion and profession with an eye for the moment and a heart for beauty. And Cristobal's natural empathy for people helps him capture his subjects in a candid and organic manner. Cristobal works hard to make his clients feel comfortable enough to let their guards down and be themselves in front of his camera because that is when the best photographs are taken.

Cristobal founded a camera at age seventeen and since then has had 'a burdening passion to use the camera to free himself and his artistic subjects from the constraints of time and space. Cristobal graduated from the High Institute of Industrial Design of Havana, Cuba.


Cristobal Herrera is an World Press Photo award-winning Cuban photographer and photojournalist specializing in news, wedding and portrait photography. Cristobal also creates bodies of art, which he displays at shows and art galleries.

Havana, Cuban native, Cristobal Herrera, has been photographing people, places, and everything else in between for more than ten years. An artist above all else, Cristobal loves what he does and is ever thankful to be able to do it for a living. Cristobal loves creating outstanding work for clients seeking something elegant, artistic, emotional and special.